enterprise grade


High Speed VPS Servers

Hyper Performance

Using the latest hardware in collaboration with high speed SSD's to ensure we deliver the crucial hyperspeed performance.

High Speed VPS Servers

DDoS Protection

State of the art DDoS mitigation to keep your cloud on internet with minimal interuptions keeping outages to a minimum.

High Speed VPS Servers

Instant Deployment

Servers begin provisioning immediately and gets you up and running in seconds, ensuring you never have resource problems.

High Speed VPS Servers

Excellent Support

Contact support and get a response within the day with your problem sorted, ensuring you never have to put up with problems.

Fequently Asked Questions

Curious to know what you can do?

Do you match competitor pricing?

Hell yeah we do! But bare in mind not all providers offer the same level of service and support in Australia, unlike most other providers in Australia, we offer a superior network, DDOS protection and support hence our cost is relatively solid, but we do our best to match or beat comparable pricing from competitors. Have have a chat with us or open a ticket with sales and we will try our best to work out a quote.

Can I upload my own world?

Certainly! we can provide with all the support you need to get started! Simply follow this step-by-step tutorial here or if you run into any problems, feel free to contact us and open a support ticket and request assistance from one of our staff.

Do I get complete control over my servers?

Yes of course! We give all users a fully fledged Game Server control panel built to allow the end-user to expand on the server that was provided to them allowing you to make a completely custom experience.