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Multi-layered DDOS protection

We take server security and reliability very seriously, and we know first hand how much trouble DDOS attacks can be, it isn't a questions of if your server will be hit with an attack but rather when will your server be hit by a network based DDOS attack, Thanks to our new multi-layered NSFocus DDOS protection, you can rest assure that your server is safe and secure against DDOS attacks.

Our Features

(D)DoS Protected

All attacks are filtered completely before they hit our network! This completely eliminates the "detection period" where servers traditionally are impacted by standard DDoS protection.

Automatic Backups

We provide a backup for your server every 12 hours for up to 10 days worth of backups to ensure that in a case of a data lose you will always have files to revert too.

Enterprise Network

We take performance seriously. Our infrastructure from the network to the software is fully optimized to give your visitors only the absolute best in speed.

99.99% uptime

We guarantee all clients a 99.99% uptime on all services across all our whole servers range.

Indepth Panel

FadedServers provides a panel with a vast amount of customisable settings and addons with no additional cost.

Powerful Hardware

All of our servers features only the latest enterprise-grade components, ensuring you the server operates at peak performance.