Fequently Asked Questions

Curious to know more about us?

Do you match competitor pricing?

Hell yeah we do! But bare in mind not all providers offer the same level of service and support in Australia, unlike most other providers in Australia, we offer a superior network, DDOS protection and support hence our cost is relatively solid, but we do our best to match or beat comparable pricing from competitors. Have have a chat with us or open a ticket with sales and we will try our best to work out a quote.

Can I install my own operating system?

Certainly! we can provide a IPMI login for you to do this should you wish to customise your initial installation, please open a support ticket and request one from one of our staff.

Can I get a custom spec or customise the machine?

Of course! It's not possible to list every configuration on our website so the most popular are shown, but if it's possible to build, we can build it. Simply contact us for a custom configuration.

Can I have more bandwidth?

Yes, we are renowned for providing high-quality bandwidth and can provide whatever you need. Simply contact us for a quote.